SealBoss ® Seal Oakum Applications

For Use With SealBoss Hydro Active PU Water
Stop Foam Injection Grouts – ‘Oakum Soakum’ Technique
Stop Water Infiltration Through Larger
Openings, Cracks, And Voids
Create Or Use In Combination With Joint
Gaskets In Sewer And Storm Drain Lines, Ducts
Wastewater Treatment Plants
Reservoirs and Water Tanks
Pipelines, Duct Works
Service Manholes
Tunnels and Underground Cable
Industrial Buildings, Power Plants
Commercial and Public Utility Buildings

Product Description

SealBoss ® 1500 Seal Oakum is a tar free (dry oakum), strong, jute based material designed to soak up SealBoss ® Water Stop Foam products and injection grouts, while keeping products in place to create a barrier in larger openings of active water infiltration.

Installation Guidelines

Submerge SealBoss ® 1500 Seal Oakum into activated foam resin. When removing from container, wipe off excess material. If necessary, wet joints or voids with water to prime surface for saturated SealBoss ® 1500 Seal Oakum. To seal minor leaks, dip saturated SealBoss ® 1500 Seal Oakum into water to start reaction – Oakum Soakum Technique. Place saturated SealBoss ® 1500 Seal Oakum in the joint or void. You may spray visible saturated SealBoss ® 1500 Seal Oakum surface with water to speed up the cure process. Cut excess from surface of joint after cure. To achieve most satisfying and permanent results in certain applications, a combination of SealBoss ® 1500 Water Stop Foam with other systems of our product line may be advised. Ask your SealBoss ® technician for details. The product is for professional use.



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