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– Flexible to semi-flexible sealants with little structural strength
– React to foams (water-stops), gels and solid (non cellular) flexible or semi flexible sealants.
– Classified as hydrophobic (foams/resins) for crack injection, joints voids or hydrophilic (foams/gels) for curtain, bladder injection behind structures. Both groups are water activated for use in wet environments – Superior water-stop capabilities
– Single or two component, accelerators common. Viscosities low to medium. Very resistant, long term solution.
SealBoss recommended Products:
Foams: 1510, 1570, 1572
Flexible resin: 1400 LV-Resin Line
Gel/Foam: Flexgel2
Conclusion: In non structural water related repairs PU is generally the material of choice. This is true for most below grade repairs including basements, tunnels, parking garages and manholes. EP is excellent for structural repairs of stressed structures and deteriorated concrete.
– Rigid, very strong adhesive for structural repairs in mainly dry environments, typically reduced adhesion on wet surfaces. Excellent to regain structural strength in torn structures: earthquake damage, extended stress damage
– Not a water-stop material and does not tolerate extended movement.
– Two component. Viscosities from very low to paste. Very resistant, long term solution.

SealBoss recommended Products:

Resin: 4040
Paste/Putty: 4000 Quickseal
Cartridge System: 4000 Epoxy Cartridge System

– Mechanical packer injection at higher pressures 300-3000 psi
Reason: PU injection is often performed in a wet environment where adhesives for surface ports cannot be used. Mechanical packers are installed by drilling a hole into the structure which the packer fits snugly. The packer is tightened mechanically for high pressure injection. PU immediately reacts with moisture in the crack increasing resistance of product flow which explains the high injection pressures.
SealBoss recommended Products: Complete line of packers: S-Type, R-Type, custom sizes, Hammer-in packers, surface ports, specialty packers
Conclusion: PU generally needs higher pressures and therefor the more sophisticated connectors / packers. There are many exceptions. For example curtain injection with PU gel into the space between structure and soil needs lower injection pressures but higher rates of material flow. The filling of larger voids and joint injection also uses lower pressures. PU injection through surface ports is not common, but high pressure epoxy injection through packers is seen more frequently. Reasons could be very thick concrete to be penetrated or damp / wet surface conditions.
– Surface port injection at lower injection pressures 30-800psi
Reason: Injection is typically done in dry environments and surface ports can be attached easily with epoxy adhesive. Holes do not have to be drilled . However the crack surface between the ports has to be surface sealed to prevent leakage during injection. The viscosity of the epoxy resin stays low during the injection process, resulting in much lower injection pressures.
SealBoss recommended Products:
surface ports, specialty ports
– Single component equipment for most water-activated hydrophobic
PU foams, accelerator to be added prior to pumping.
– Either single or two component equipment for true two component
PU resins such as 1400 LV-Resin Line.
– Either single component or multi-ratio two component equipment
for hydrophilic PU Gels based on the application and product. In multi-ratio pumping one component carries a high water content.
Single component pumps include inexpensive hand held devices, hand pumps and electric pumps. Multi ratio devices can be manual, electric and pneumatic. Some PU injection pumps can be used for epoxy injection (with limitations). SealBoss supplies PU as small as 1 gal units. We do not supply PU in cartridges for the following reasons: 1. Reduced shelf life in cartridge due to high moisture sensitivity, 2. Limited Injection pressure. For small jobs we recommend our (3000psi) handgun and a 1 gallon unit.
SealBoss recommended Products:
Hand held guns, manual pump HP100, electric pumps IP395 Pro, P1001
Final Remarks: Injection Technology has become more refined and in cases more confusing. Modern products are very capable, but similar characteristics are not easily distinguished by the untrained person. To avoid costly failures caused by product/job mismatches, SealBoss provides thorough technical support to make your job a good one. Please make use of our services – we are just a phone call away.
– Two component equipment for most epoxy resins for ease of use and precise mixing.
– Single component equipment for small jobs and epoxy with longer gel-time. Observe gel time closely and clean equipment
thoroughly. Epoxy is a very strong adhesive and may render a pump unusable.
– Pneumatic or manual guns for cartridge systems / smaller jobs
Two component injection pumps are pneumatic or electric. SealBoss supplies EP resins and paste also in cartridges for the following reasons: 1. Ease of use, 2. Cost, 3. EP is not very moisture sensitive and injection pressures can be handled by quality cartridges and dispensers. Dispensers are manual or pneumatic. With very few exceptions EP pumps are not to be used for PU injection.
SealBoss recommended Products:
Hand held guns, pneumatic pump PA3000, 4000 Cartridge System



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