SealBoss P2002 Drill Operated High Pressure Pump – Includes 110v Metabo Drill and Hose Set


9 Foot Hose Set Included

For Larger Quantities call SealBoss directly at
1877-932-2293 or 714-662-4445
Complete Catalog PDF 10MB

Powerful and versatile injection hand pump for the
complete line of SealBoss injection grouts.
Suitable for smaller jobs and as inexpensive backup
system. Very reliable and easy to maintain.
Pump includes stand & pressure gauge. Pressure
hose, shut-off valve and zerk coupler tip sold
separately. Just place premixed resin next to pump
or underneath and point suction tube into grout
container. Piston can be pulled out for effective

Packers sold

– Compatible with most
injection grouts including epoxy resins,
and various packers and couplers

– 1500 psi
– Lightweight
– Easy to use, clean, and maintain
– Pressure gauge
– Mounted on stand, draws material from container


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