SealBoss ® provides commercial grade, professional quality
concrete repair and waterproofing products, equipment and
accessories for commercial and residential applications. 

Commercial Grade – Contractor Quality –
Universal Use Polyurethane Foam
Insulates and seals against water intrusion
The Important Difference to other
‘Hardware Store Foam Cans
that expand uncontrollable:

SealBoss Can-Seal-Foam is engineered to fully expand inside

the applicator ‘gun barrel’. When the foam
exits the tip of the gun it is almost fully expanded – you apply
exactly as much foam as you need without the messy and
undesired “mushrooming” experience you may have with
most of the other ‘over the counter’ foam products. This
feature makes our foam ‘predictable’ and useable in areas
where other products just won’t perform.
With our foam and the professional applicator gun you can
fill voids precisely. Contractors use our foam for many applications
such as water-stop purposes in voids and cable runs, as an insulation
and seal-foam in general construction and as an instant ‘Backer Rod
Bead’ in applications where joints need a back fill prior to applying the
final sealant.

The Commercial Grade Do It Yourself Kit includes:


1 Professional Control Reusable ! Steel Gun
   Applicator with plastic extension tube
5 Can-Seal-Foam 27 oz
Potential foam capacity 40+ gallons
1 Data Sheets
1 Pair Latex Gloves

Type Of Material

Can-SealFoam is a closed cell self curing foam for universal
uses. The product is a single component MDI based polyurethane of
highest quality. It expands, bonds and seals while stopping the
passage of air, gases, water and dust. Besides its obvious uses to
stop water infiltration it can increase energy efficiency by stopping air
exchange around windows, doors, wall intrusions and at sill plates.
Its lightweight, closed cell structure makes it useful for deadening
sound, flotation and thermal insulation.

up to 8 Gal Foam From 27 oz Can


– Cable Runs
– Seals electrical conduits
– Utility Boxes, etc.
– Seals around pipes / ducts
And Much More:
– Increases energy efficiency
– Reduces noise
– Radon Gas Control
– Seals out insects
– Confines asbestos fibers
– Strengthens tub bases
– Seals stress panels
– Upgrades weatherization
– Repairs boat flotation
– Seals refrigeration panels
– Reusable Professional Applicator Gun
– Professional Steel Gun Applicator allows for
precise dispersion of product and avoids overfill
– Ozone Friendly
– Very High Volume From Small Can
– No Cleaning
– Low Cost
– Many Start Ups and Closures
– 7 to 9 gal Foam
– 1800 Cu. inches
– 1/2″ Bead runs 900 lin. ft.


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