SealBoss P2002 Drill Operated High Pressure Pump – Includes 110v Metabo Drill and Hose Set


IP 495 Customized Injection Pump, Injection Machine, Pressure Injection Pump

– Pressure Controled Injection System
– Pressure Preadjust Knob
– Automatic Shut-Off
– Single Component
– 3000 PSI, 210 BAR
– Piston System
– Suction Tube
– Mounted on Stand
– Reliable, Easy to Use, Easy to Clean
– Connects to a Wide Range of Packers
– Works with Many Materials

Powerful customized injection pump for SealBoos injection
grouts and selected epoxies made by a leading U.S.
manufacturer. This complete stand mounted piston pump
system features suction tube material pick-up, high pressure
hose with shut-off valve and zerk coupler tip for safe and easy
connection to the SealBoss packer system. The pressure
gauge and the large control button make pressure adjustments
easy. The pump automatically shuts-off when the desired
pressure is reached and restarts pumping when the pressure
drops. This feature keeps noise levels at a minimum and
prolongs the life of the motor and mechanical parts.


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