SealBoss ® 6060 QuickFix


SealBoss ® 6500 QuickFix is a high quality joint and crack filler for concrete substrates in applications that are time critical. It works well in adverse temperature conditions as the material cures in  ambient temperatures from -28°C (‑20°F)  to 54°C (130°F). The tack free time is 5 to over 15 minutes depending on temperature. This permits to reopen the job site to vehicle and foot traffic just one hour after the application. Exposure to sunlight (UV) may cause discoloration, however the physical properties are essentially unaffected.

The Commercial Grade Do It Yourself Kit includes:

1 Polyurea Adhesive Handgun 1:1 mix-ratio
5 22oz 6500 Universal Polyurea Sealer (Thick – for joints)
5 Static Mixers
1 Repair System Manual, Product Information
1 Pair Latex Protective Gloves


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