SealBoss Epoxy Resin DIY Repair System


SealBoss ® provides commercial grade, professional quality concrete repair and waterproofing products, equipment and  accessories for commercial and residential applications.

The Commercial Grade Do It Yourself Kit includes:

1 ea. 2 Comp. Epoxy Injection Trigger Gun
1 ea. 2 Comp. Epoxy Paste Applicator Gun
3 ea. 17oz – 4040 slv Epoxy Adhesive Cartridge
1 ea. 22oz – Quickseal 4500 Epoxy Paste Cartridge
1 Statmixer Resin, 1 Statmixer Paste
1 Port Connector, 1 Pair Latex Gloves, Product Literature
50 ea. Professional Epoxy Surface Inject Ports


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